Legends are characters you play as in-game. They are based on notable figures from the RuneScape universe, such as Signature Heroes and prominent quest characters. At the moment, five Legends are playable characters: Ariane, Ozan, Linza, Vanescula and the Raptor. Each Legend has some of its own unique cards and is based on a certain unique playstyle.

List of LegendsEdit

Classic Edit

Ariane Edit

Ariane is a powerful magic user. Raised in Seers' Village, she retains the power of precognition. She has studied in almost all schools of magic and excels in all of them. She is curious about the ancient magic of Gielinor and is determined to find out all about it, despite her wizard teachers telling her not to. Ariane generally uses logic and reason to solve problems and may be described as naive at times.

Ozan Edit

Ozan is a bold and brave thief who tells exaggerated stories of "his" adventures, which no one usually believes. Born in Al Kharid and raised in the streets of Varrock, he is a skilled ranger and an agile person. Many say he is more obsessed with fame than doing what is right. Ozan usually follows his emotions, which quite often brings him into trouble.

Linza Edit

Linza is mainly interested in things related to Smithing or other handicrafts. She is always interested to learn of new techniques or materials for Smithing. She does not like machines with moving parts, preferring the simplicity of a balanced sword. A primary drive for her is creating 'the perfect sword' and things similar.

The Raptor Edit

The Raptor is a mysterious warrior who is very adept at combat, but not very talkative. He appears to be rather reluctant to cooperate with others and generally seems willing to kill anything that gets in his way.

Shadowfall Edit

The Darkness Legends are scheduled for an early 2016 release.

Vanescula Edit

Vanescula Drakan, Mistress of Darkmeyer, is one of four Drakan siblings alongside her brothers, Ranis, Draynor and Lowerniel. Both Vanescula and Ranis run Meiyerditch and Darkmeyer for Lord Drakan.

Morvran Edit

Morvran Iorwerth is an elf of Prifddinas and the nephew of the late Lord Iorwerth. He is the highest levelled Slayer master and also runs the Rush of Blood D&D.


It is unknown who the Rebirth Legends are at this time, though a teaser image was released in RuneFest 2015, which implies that the Rebirth Legends will be Korasi and Hazelmere.

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