Linza (drawn)

Linza is one of the four legends that currently exist in the game, with the others being Ozan, Ariane, and The Raptor.

RuneScape HistoryEdit

Linza is one of seven Signature Hero's in Runescape. She is an excellent black smith but not much is known about her otherwise. She can be found at the Blast Furnace, or at the Golden Anvil in Dorgesh-Kaan.

During Kindred Spirits,Linza had some roles and was turned into a wight due to Sliske double-crossing her.


Linza's most commonly used strategy is revolved around using her cards to give her Armor and Weapons. Normally the strategy will wither consist of grinding out the chapters and beating your opponent in the end of the game, or you can quickly try to deal with a lot of damage using cards like Pulverise and Hurl Weapon. Unlike most Legends, if Linza makes it to the end of Chapter 5, she can win the final showdown without the need for high Attack, due to her having a wide variety of high damage weapons and the ability to increase her durability do ludicrous amounts. 

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