Overview Edit

Lunar Spellbook is a Rare equipment usable only by Ariane. On use, the caster will gain Borrowed Power, Boost, Vengeance and Group Heal in that order. It is the second most expensive Ariane support, tied with Earth Blast, behind Ancient Spellbook.

Strategy Edit

Because of the steep gold cost, decks wishing to run Lunar Spellbook may want to invest in cards that quickly grant the user 8 gold. This acceleration tactic is highly advised, because the book is merely a setup for the following turns, in which the spells it grants may be used.

With the correct mulligan strategy and deck, players can use Lunar Spellbook as early as chapter 1.

It is also recommended to run two spellbooks in your deck if the core strategy is to use the powerful lunar spells as soon as possible.

Synergies and counters Edit

Notable gold generators to use with Lunar Spellbook include Ali Morrisane, Ring of Charos, Skeleton Warrior, Alchemy, and Mimic.

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